Threat REACT Stealer, Lapsus$ and the Okta Breach

Welcome to CybelAngel’s new series, Threat REACT. This series provides a one-on-one analysis of cyber threats, breaches, and other incidents from our expert analysts on CybelAngel’s REsearch and Analysis of Cyber Threats (REACT) team.  In this entry, David Sygula, Head of Cybelangel REACT: 

  • Traces how the growth of stealers and dark web markets helped teenage threat group Lapsus$ breach multiple billion-dollar companies ending in the Okta breach.
  • Reviews supply chain risks when an identity access management company and how one breach ripples out to hundreds of companies. 

You can watch Threat REACT here on our LinkedIn or our YouTube page. For more information on stealers, read the REACT team’s threat bulletin here.