Russia-Ukraine Cyber Threat Bulletin

On February 24th, 2022, Russia invaded Ukraine. This move followed weeks of tensions between the two countries, which was also reflected in the cyber world, although on a limited scale. Since then, CybelAngel REACT (REsearch Analysis of Cyber Threats) has followed how the conflict has spread to cyberspace.  To help provide further analysis, CybelAngel CISO […]

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Threat REACT Stealer, Lapsus$ and the Okta Breach

Welcome to CybelAngel’s new series, Threat REACT. This series provides a one-on-one analysis of cyber threats, breaches, and other incidents from our expert analysts on CybelAngel’s REsearch and Analysis of Cyber Threats (REACT) team.  In this entry, David Sygula, Head of Cybelangel REACT:  Traces how the growth of stealers and dark web markets helped teenage […]

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Threat Bulletin Stealers

Cyber threats are always evolving and it can be difficult to keep up with the latest developments. To help your company stay protected from external digital risks CybelAngel REACT (REsearch and Analysis of Cyber Threats) is releasing our threat bulletins to the public. We hope this information helps you, your company and customers safe. I. […]

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Alert of the Month: Code Repository Gone Bad

Recently, CybelAngel encountered one of the most dangerous types of data leak: source code from an accidentally exposed repository. Code repositories, most commonly GitHub, are incredible tools for engineers, systems architects, and developers to write, test, and publish code into production. By creating a repository with their company credentials, employees can access and work on […]

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