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Poor passwords result in stolen credentials
Frightening Top 10 Halloween Passwords

Are you prepared for the horrors of stolen credentials? The topic of password security is the zombie in cybersecurity discussions — should be dead, but isn’t. And yet, despite frequently hitting the news detailing the horrors of having our passwords compromised, we tend to use the same basic passwords or resurrect our old ones from […]

Why You Should Never Use the Same Password for Different Accounts
Never Use the Same Password

An estimated 25% of all Internet users choose weak passwords that are easy to remember. Around 60% use the same password for several or all of their accounts.(1) These dangerous habits are due to the growing number of websites requiring online authentication.

Are passwords a thing of the past?

In 2015, the most frequently-used password was (and still is) “123456”. For reasons of security, and because users cannot always remember a strong, unique password for each account, businesses are taking the bull by the horns and testing new ways of authentication. This article will take you on a quick tour of intrusion-prevention methods. Simple […]