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    CybelAngel is honored to be once again recognized as a Sample Vendor in the Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Cyber Risk Management, 2022

    CybelAngel is honored to be once again recognized as a Sample Vendor for Digital Risk Protection Services (DRPS) in the Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Cyber Risk Management, 2022 What You Need to Know In 2022, the global risk landscape continues to be impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic conditions, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, labor […]

    Greek gas operator suffers data breach as criminals exploit energy crisis

    Ransomware group Ragnar Locker, which claimed responsibility for the attack, has developed a reputation for targeting critical infrastructure operators. Cybercriminals are capitalising on Europe’s energy crisis as one of Greece’s largest natural gas distributors has suffered a data breach. The gas operator, DESFA, confirmed in a public statement that cybercriminals attempted to gain access to its IT […]

    Is it Time for a Preemptive Cybersecurity Posture? Ask These 5 Questions…

    Every day we see more global turmoil. Geo-political unrest, economic slowdowns, rising inflation, and supply chain issues, it seems there is more uncertainty than ever before. Add to this; business shifts between ‘work from home,’ and ‘back to the office,’ ‘stored in the cloud,’ and ‘bring your own device,’ and the picture quickly gets complicated.  […]

    Inspirational Woman: Pauline Losson | Cyber Operations Director, CybelAngel

    Meet Pauline Losson, Cyber Operations Director at CybelAngel Pauline leads the Global Analyst Team of CybelAngel as Director of Cyber Operations. She joined CybelAngel 4 years ago and originally graduated from a Crisis Management & Intelligence Master/Graduate Program in Sciences Po Lille, France. After managing the US customers of CybelAngel, she is now in charge […]

    Todd Carroll
    C-suite career advice: Todd Carroll, CybelAngel

    How important are specific certifications? “As someone who hires a lot… I view certifications as proof of a person’s ability to learn and work towards a goal.” Name: Todd Carroll Company: CybelAngel Job Title: CISO and VP of Global Operations Location: Chicago, IL Todd Carroll is the VP of Global Operations and CISO for CybelAngel. Carroll brings over 20 years […]

    Albanian Government Hit by “Massive Cyber-Attack”

    The Albanian government has been hit with a “massive cyber-attack,” forcing its websites offline. In a statement shared with local news outlets, the government blamed the incident on a synchronized “attack from abroad.” The press release continued: “In order to not allow this attack to damage our information system, the National Agency of Information Society […]

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