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    CybelAngel is honored to be once again recognized as a Sample Vendor in the Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Cyber Risk Management, 2022

    CybelAngel is honored to be once again recognized as a Sample Vendor for Digital Risk Protection Services (DRPS) in the Gartner® Hype Cycle™ for Cyber Risk Management, 2022 What You Need to Know In 2022, the global risk landscape continues to be impacted by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic conditions, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, labor […]

    Greek gas operator suffers data breach as criminals exploit energy crisis

    Ransomware group Ragnar Locker, which claimed responsibility for the attack, has developed a reputation for targeting critical infrastructure operators. Cybercriminals are capitalising on Europe’s energy crisis as one of Greece’s largest natural gas distributors has suffered a data breach. The gas operator, DESFA, confirmed in a public statement that cybercriminals attempted to gain access to its IT […]

    Is it time for a preemptive cybersecurity posture?
    Is it Time for a Preemptive Cybersecurity Posture? Ask These 5 Questions…

    Every day, we see more global turmoil. Geo-political unrest, economic slowdowns, rising inflation and supply chain issues…it seems there is more uncertainty than ever before. Add to this, business shifts between ‘work from home,’ ‘back to the office,’ ‘stored in the cloud’ and ‘bring your own device,’ and the picture quickly gets complicated.  This level […]

    Inspirational Woman: Pauline Losson | Cyber Operations Director, CybelAngel

    Meet Pauline Losson, Cyber Operations Director at CybelAngel Pauline leads the Global Analyst Team of CybelAngel as Director of Cyber Operations. She joined CybelAngel 4 years ago and originally graduated from a Crisis Management & Intelligence Master/Graduate Program in Sciences Po Lille, France. After managing the US customers of CybelAngel, she is now in charge […]

    Todd Carroll
    C-suite career advice: Todd Carroll, CybelAngel

    How important are specific certifications? “As someone who hires a lot… I view certifications as proof of a person’s ability to learn and work towards a goal.” Name: Todd Carroll Company: CybelAngel Job Title: CISO and VP of Global Operations Location: Chicago, IL Todd Carroll is the VP of Global Operations and CISO for CybelAngel. Carroll brings over 20 years […]

    Albanian Government Hit by “Massive Cyber-Attack”

    The Albanian government has been hit with a “massive cyber-attack,” forcing its websites offline. In a statement shared with local news outlets, the government blamed the incident on a synchronized “attack from abroad.” The press release continued: “In order to not allow this attack to damage our information system, the National Agency of Information Society […]