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    The heartbreakers of cybersecurity
    Are you a cybercriminal’s perfect match?

    Since relationships get all the attention on Valentine’s Day, CybelAngel thought you should be aware of four heartbreakers to avoid. Spoiler alert: They’re all cybercriminals. Are you the company of their dreams? Take a look below to find out. Phishing About me: I make you think I’m someone else in my emails and texts. I […]

    Erwan Keraudy's advice for Safer Internet Day 2023
    Safer Internet Day 2023: CybelAngel CEO Shares Best Practices for Online Safety

    Excerpted from the article “Safer Internet Day 2023: 8 Experts Share Best Practices for Online Safety” by Prajakta Patil, Sr. Assistant Editor, Spiceworks Ziff Davis. Read the full article HERE. Online safety has never been more important, with so much of our personal and professional data available on the internet today. Each year, millions of […]

    The economics of ransomware attacks: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of payment
    The Economics of Ransomware Attacks

    An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Payment No company is immune to ransomware attacks; if you have information worth taking, there is a cybercriminal who is ready to take it and then charge you to give it back. The number of attacks is increasing, the payments are going up and more victims […]

    CybelAngel 2022: A year of leadership and channel growth

    Looking back at our journey throughout 2022, CybelAngel has continued to focus on driving its leadership excellence and achieved tremendous progress in our goal of expanding value-added partnerships across all regions and diverse markets, aligning with our channel-first business model. Following is a snapshot of our most prominent channel success stories in 2022: Expanding leadership […]

    CybelAngel: an international expert working for the cybersecurity of companies

    Given the risks of cyber attacks and massive data leakage that can jeopardize an organization’s business, CybelAngel provides its expertise to many customers by detecting the various vulnerabilities present in their ecosystems. Erwan Keraudy, founder and CEO of CybelAngel, is the guest of Jean Marc Sylvestre in Business Inside on Forbes TV. In this interview, […]

    Cybersecurity predictions for 2023
    CybelAngel’s Top 3 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023

    Our cybersecurity predictions for 2023 all fall under one key word: proliferation. CybelAngel’s VP of product strategy, Camille Charaudeau, was recently quoted by both EM360 and BetaNews for his prediction that the expansion of external attack surfaces will be a major cybersecurity business challenge in 2023. What’s driving that expansion is the proliferation of credentials […]