Dark Web Spotlight: Babuk Ransomware Gang Hit with Ransomware

In an ironic twist, the ransomware gang Babuk, known for its hack of the Washington D.C. police files in May 2021, has been hit with ransomware.  Babuk’s dark web forum, RAMP, was overloaded with obscene gifs and material over the weekend rendering the site unusable. Reportedly the attacker has demanded $5,000 to halt the attack, which Babuk has refused to pay.  The takeover of their new forum is not the only issue Babuk has had to face recently.  An unknown party uploaded the source code of Babuk’s ransomware to VirusTotal in early July. With the source code to its ransomware made public, security vendors can examine it and develop countermeasures. If you wish to avoid ransomware, CybelAngel Asset Discovery and Monitoring can locate vulnerable assets before hackers do.