Data Breach Prevention

How to Prevent Data Breaches

Unintended innovation consequences

Data Breach PreventionRecent business operational trends driven by digital transformation programs, movement to the cloud, and a remote workforce can put your critical data at great risk. Why? Confidential and sensitive data is outside the corporate security perimeter; thus, InfoSec teams no longer have end-to-end visibility nor control of data security. Data breach prevention is integral to businesses across the globe. Third parties, business partners, contractors, and employees have as much control over the security of your data as your InfoSec Team. Data hosted in the cloud and employees’ accessing corporate information via internet-connected devices puts your data at great risk. A web-connected enterprise is essential for today’s business; however, it can make your company a good target for ransomware.

Triple threat:  cloud, employees and digital transformation

The combination of cloud, employees and digital transformation are a triple threat to your digital security.  Once upon a time private data was stored on site, and companies would issue all devices used by employees. Data did not leave the network; however, those days are long gone.   Now with easy access to data, many companies do not have the resources and tools to ensure that their private data is leaking on a third-party site and being breached — for sale on the dark web or being used in ransomware attacks.

How many $8.6 million breaches can your company afford?

Did you know that the longer it takes to identify and remediate a data breach, the higher the damages are?  How many days can your company afford not to identify and contain breaches?  Consider this fact shared in the IBM 2020 Cost of Data Breach Report: in the United States, the average cost for a data breach jumped to $8.6 million with an average time of 237 days to identify and contain the breach.   How many $8.6 million data breaches can your company afford?  To ward off cyber attacks and prevent costly data breaches, the experts at CybelAngel prepared this handy checklist for you.  Use this checklist to help your organization prevent data breaches.

Data Breach Prevention Checklist

Steps to prevent a data breach

Did you know that 94% of the data leaks we find can be traced back to third parties? But, there are steps you can take to prevent a data breach. CybelAngel customers stop data leaks on third-party sites before they become data breaches.  Critical Incident reports alert our customers know when and where their sensitive data is leaking.  Our reports provide InfoSec Teams: severity indication, incident origin, and exposed document samples. Customers can even request CybelAngel’s assistance in take-down with the push of a button on our Digital Risk Protection Platform. These give our customers the opportunity to remediate data leaks before they become costly data breaches.   Some companies take additional steps to prevent data breach.  In addition to our critical incidents, some companies also choose to use our Remediation Services. It is as easy as hitting a button on our Digital Risk Protection Platform. Our take-down service is an end-to-end solution where we handle everything from data leak detection to take-down.  InfoSec Teams sleep soundly at night when they have On-demand Take-Down by CybelAngel.

Business innovation does not mean increased digital risk

Many companies undergo operational changes that increase their risk of data leak.  The more companies operate in the cloud and with third parties, the more that their data is at risk.  To get an understanding of your company’s digital risk, request a complimentary customized data exposure dashboard.  You’ll be surprised what confidential data is leaking for your company.  Data leaks are inevitable, but damage is optional.