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How Secure are Your Third-parties’ Servers?

At recent InfoSec World, digital risk and privacy were high priorities on the 2020 agenda. Security professionals gathered virtually to hear the keynote about how to prevent the next big data breach.  A common thread among sessions was how to diminish the digital risk of cybersecurity breaches. To make good business decisions, organizations must be aware […]

CybelAngel Adds Ex-FBI Executive Todd Carroll as Vice President of Cyber Operations
Wrong Time to Disregard Your Basic Cyber Hygiene

Toward the end of 2019, information security professionals were inundated with op-eds, whitepapers, and water cooler conversations concentrated on cybersecurity predictions for 2020. Understandably, few foresaw a global pandemic that would shift over 75% of work in North America to be performed remotely. Instead of chasing new wild geese, now should be the time to […]

3 Ways to Transform Your Employees From Cyber Security Risks Into Cyber Security Resources

Nisha Kappillil, Principal Analyst at CybelAngel, joined members of our global team in San Francisco last week for RSA 2020. Motivated by the conversations she had with other information security professionals during the event, she’s sharing her insights and recommendations for how to change the view of humans as a risk variable to humans as […]

CybelAngel Adds Ex-FBI Executive Todd Carroll as Vice President of Cyber Operations
Hindsight is Key to Success in 2020: Thoughts Heading to RSA

As the worldwide cyber security industry descends on San Francisco this weekend for RSA, I thought it wise to consider the major issues that attendees—from enterprise security professionals to vendors to journalists—ought to be thinking about throughout the week. With the benefit of hindsight of the events and experiences in 2019, I’m looking forward to […]

CybelAngel Cyber Risk & Data Leak Dashboard
Evaluate the Security of Your Cloud Platform

If you’re considering migrating your enterprise and development IT to a cloud platform, or have already migrated all or part of your business computing and DevOps to PaaS (platform-as-a-service), cyber security should be your top concern. Every application generates new potential security breaches via user delivery systems, event repositories, and the application’s database. Without a […]

CybelAngel Data Protection
UX Designers Join the Ranks of Cyber Security Heroes

At first glance, an enjoyable user experience (UX) and a strong cybersecurity posture don’t seem to go hand in hand. UX is all about designing a smooth workflow for users and facilitating their actions within an interface. Cybersecurity’s prime concern is the safety of connected systems. Who amongst us hasn’t struggled to log in to […]