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Podcast – Risk or reward: can we control cyber risks?

Can we ever control cyber risks? And how do cyber risks stack up, against the other challenges facing business? Cyber threats have risen steadily over the last few years, due in part to changes in the way we work and the move to digital business. And those changes are vital to business growth, and efficiency […]

CybelAngel adds contextualized inventory technology within its ADM solution

CybelAngel announced the addition of contextualized inventory technology to its scanning capabilities within its Asset Discovery and Monitoring (ADM) solution to better illuminate external attack surfaces and expose unknown vulnerabilities attributed to an organization. CybelAngel’s unprecedented ADM solution now enables organizations to know the origin and attribution of uncovered assets and prioritize action based on business […]

GitHub to mandate 2FA for all code contributors by 2023

The world’s largest development platform will require all code-contributing users to enroll in two-factor authentication by the end of 2023 to enhance software supply chain security. GitHub has announced its largest-ever push toward two-factor authentication (2FA). The world’s leading development platform said it will require all code-contributing users to enroll in 2FA by the end […]

Outside the Enterprise Perimeter
How Secure are Your Third-parties’ Servers?

At recent InfoSec World, digital risk and privacy were high priorities on the 2020 agenda. Security professionals gathered virtually to hear the keynote about how to prevent the next big data breach.  A common thread among sessions was how to diminish the digital risk of cybersecurity breaches. To make good business decisions, organizations must be aware […]

CybelAngel Adds Ex-FBI Executive Todd Carroll as Vice President of Cyber Operations
Wrong Time to Disregard Your Basic Cyber Hygiene

Toward the end of 2019, information security professionals were inundated with op-eds, whitepapers, and water cooler conversations concentrated on cybersecurity predictions for 2020. Understandably, few foresaw a global pandemic that would shift over 75% of work in North America to be performed remotely. Instead of chasing new wild geese, now should be the time to […]

Mimi Thian CybelAngel Data Leak Detection Platform
3 Ways to Transform Your Employees From Cyber Security Risks Into Cyber Security Resources

Nisha Kappillil, Principal Analyst at CybelAngel, joined members of our global team in San Francisco last week for RSA 2020. Motivated by the conversations she had with other information security professionals during the event, she’s sharing her insights and recommendations for how to change the view of humans as a risk variable to humans as […]