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Protecting Shareholder Value
How CISOs Protect Shareholder Value

When a CISO informs the Board of Directors, what’s the top metric to report?  CISOs must prove that they are protecting shareholder value.  To do so, CISOs must demonstrate that their program yields maximized value and minimized risk for shareholders.   CISO Board ValueShareholder value is constituted of: Customer value Employee / Community value Operating value […]

Find Data Leaks Before They Become Gushers

Concerned about data leaks on third-party servers?  You are not alone.  When sensitive data is hosted on third-party servers, it becomes vulnerable because of human error, misconfigurations and other lack of security controls.  Left unaddressed, a data leak can turn into a data breach, bringing a gusher of damages. InfoSec teams are tasked with the […]

CybelAngel Adds Ex-FBI Executive Todd Carroll as Vice President of Cyber Operations
Wrong Time to Disregard Your Basic Cyber Hygiene

Toward the end of 2019, information security professionals were inundated with op-eds, whitepapers, and water cooler conversations concentrated on cybersecurity predictions for 2020. Understandably, few foresaw a global pandemic that would shift over 75% of work in North America to be performed remotely. Instead of chasing new wild geese, now should be the time to […]