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Social Engineered Data Breach
Remote Workers Vulnerable to Social Engineered Data Breaches

One successful social engineering data breach can move your stock price fast — in the wrong direction. Is your company’s network prepared to handle a mega hack accomplished via social engineering, such as the recent one that Twitter suffered?  With the shift to remote work, the threat for social engineering hacks can increase.  When employees […]

Weekly Marketing/Analyst blog follow-up
Timeline of Incident Response to Data Leak

Ms. Amanda Geraud had been an auditor for years.  It has been her job to review business projects and summarize the actions taken, costs involved, as well as  benefits or losses to her employer.   Today felt no different than so many others before, when she had to explain the chain of events leading to preventable […]

Data Leaks: Still Doing Cybersecurity Without Machine Learning? Think Again.
Cybersecurity Without Machine Learning? Think Again.

When it comes to sensitive data leak, time is of the essence. It doesn’t take long for a leak to turn into a data breach. A few weeks ago, Comparitech’s security research team set up a honeypot simulating a database on an ElasticSearch instance, and put fake user data inside of it. The first attack […]

Find Data Leaks Before They Become Gushers

Concerned about data leaks on third-party servers?  You are not alone.  When sensitive data is hosted on third-party servers, it becomes vulnerable because of human error, misconfigurations and other lack of security controls.  Left unaddressed, a data leak can turn into a data breach, bringing a gusher of damages. InfoSec teams are tasked with the […]