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Data Breach Losses
Data Breaches Result in Painful Forecast

Potential lost equity from a data breach CFOs and CISOs have the painful task of forecasting and communicating data breach losses to their CEOs and Board members. This is a particularly complex endeavor given 26% of companies are repeatedly victimized, including enterprises like: Amazon, Facebook, and T-Mobile USA. Calculate your potential losses Enterprises routinely forecast […]

How to Secure a Data Leak Before It Becomes a Major Breach
How to Secure a Data Leak Before It Becomes a Major Breach

Speedy Detection is Key to Securing Data Leaks When a data leak hits a hacker’s radar, it can become a costly data breach. Once a data leak occurs, the best way to secure it is to detect and resolve before it becomes a major breach. What’s the difference between a data leak and a data […]

Risk of Connected Devices
What are the Risks of Internet-Connected Devices?

To stay competitive, organizations react quickly when business conditions change. During the pandemic, many organizations moved rapidly to enable employees to work from home and use personal devices to access sensitive data.  But organizations were not the only ones taking swift action — so were hackers. In 2020, Cloud-based attacks rose 630% between January and […]

Cyber Attacks Data Breach Protection
Are you prepared for a leak of your critical data?

In the time it takes to read this paragraph, there will be a cyber attack.  With a company attacked every 39 seconds, it is no surprise that 52% of businesses expect to be hacked. Many of these attacks will result in the leak of sensitive data. Is  your organization detecting every cyber attack against your company? […]

Find and Fix Data Leaks on Third-Party Servers – Stop Data Breaches

At CybelAngel, 94% of the data leaks that we find for our customers can be traced back to third parties. As companies embrace digital transformation, moving operations to the Cloud increases the effectiveness and efficiency of operations while expanding the attack surface and increasing the potential for a third-party data breach.   It makes sense that […]

Prevent Data Breaches from Hitting Your Bottom Line

Did you know that over 90% of data leaks we find and fix are in the cloud?  This means that outside our clients’ security perimeter, we detect data that is left unsecured, probably by mistake.  Enterprises rely on employees, which can be undermined by human error.  If all employees paid detailed attention and all networks […]