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45M Medical Images Accessible Online

More Than 45 Million Medical Images Openly Accessible Online CybelAngel identifies medical devices and web portals leaking unprotected images including X-rays and CT Scans PARIS and NEW YORK, December 15, 2020 – The analyst team at CybelAngel, a global leader in digital risk protection, has discovered that more than 45 million medical imaging files – […]

Are You a Good Ransomware Target?

Reconnaissance Phase of the Cyber Kill Chain “Reconnaissance” is the first phase of the 7-step Cyber Kill Chain (CKC) model, which maps sophisticated targeted attacks used by cybercriminals such as Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) actors. In the Reconnaissance phase, an attacker uses different techniques to gather as much information as possible about a target — […]

China Pharma Hackers
Chinese Hackers After Keys to the Pharma Kingdom

Governments and hackers chase COVID-19 vaccine When the World Health Organization declared COVID-19 a pandemic in early March, two things happened: Governments and pharmaceutical companies around the world went into overdrive to find a vaccine and Chinese hackers stepped up their efforts to steal the data and intellectual property (IP) this vast effort was producing.  […]

Cyber attack - Banking System: A Rich Target for Cybercriminals
Banking System: A Rich Target for Cybercriminals

The infamous bank robber, Willie Sutton was once asked why he robbed banks. He responded, “Because that’s where the money is.” Nearly a hundred years later, the scenario has not changed, except bank theft has shifted from the physical world to the digital one. A few decades ago criminals robbed banks, now they’re hacking into […]

Compromised Credentials
The Dangers of Compromised Credential Leaks

Throughout the 2010’s decade, Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and more broadly personal data became a major issue for both users/clients and organizations, raising legal and ethical matters, commercial controversies, but also…information security concerns regarding compromised credentials. Indeed, more and more PII is being generated, transmitted, and stored every second; and becomes a prime target for […]

CybelAngel Detects Enough Leaked PII to Rank Football Players by Use as Passwords
CybelAngel Detects Enough Leaked PII to Rank Football Players by Use as Passwords

The CybelAngel platform detects a plethora of leaked personally identifiable information (PII) for its customers. So much so, that we started to rank football players — or soccer players for our U.S. customers — by how often they’re used as passwords. Various types of PII are exposed on every layer of the internet, from the […]