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The New Growth Era of External Attack Surface Management

This interview with Camille Charaudeau, Vice President, Product Strategy at CybelAngel, was previously published in European Business Magazine. Please provide a brief overview of CybelAngel, its origins and how it has evolved since it was founded. In 2013, two brothers, Erwan and Stevan Keraudy, brought together a team of experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and […]

Top Cybersecurity Blogs
Top 10 Cybersecurity Blog Posts for 2020

What was the top cybersecurity news for 2020?   At CybelAngel, we can sum it up in three words —  Increased Attack Surface.  This year, our most popular cybersecurity blog posts reflect the increase in attack surface — and successful attacks — that companies experienced in 2020.   How do we know this?  At CybelAngel, we’re on […]