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Tag: cyber threats

supply chain cybersecurity
Supply Chain Cybersecurity – The Case for Outside-in Exposure Monitoring

Article is originally from Camille Charaudeau at CybelAngel explains why organisations desperately need an ‘outside-in’ approach to security  In these days of rapid cloud migration and endless digital supply chains, the idea of a secure perimeter is well and truly dead. Nevertheless, organisations still naturally tend to adopt an internal approach to security, looking out […]

Podcast – Risk or reward: can we control cyber risks?

Can we ever control cyber risks? And how do cyber risks stack up, against the other challenges facing business? Cyber threats have risen steadily over the last few years, due in part to changes in the way we work and the move to digital business. And those changes are vital to business growth, and efficiency […]

Meow Cyber Attack
Cyber Attack Wipes Out Over 30% of Unsecured Databases

In a cyber threat landscape largely governed by profit incentives, a newcomer known as “Meow” has been targeting unsecured databases, erasing all the data without leaving any kind of ransom note or demand. Since the discovery of this automated attack in mid-July 2020, speculations about the nature of the attacker and its underlying motivations are […]