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Intercept Stolen Credentials with Account Takeover Prevention

If you have employees, your corporate logins are up for grabs. Stolen credentials were the number one attack vector in 2022, leading to attacks on the world’s biggest companies.[1] Infostealer malware is easy for hackers to source and is becoming more popular by the day. It’s time to intercept leaked emails, stolen login cookies and […]

Q3 Product Updates: Introducing EASMX

Your digital footprint is growing. So is our coverage: Meet Xtended External Attack Surface Management (EASMX). Q3, who? We get it, you’re on to the Q4! But trust us when we say our Q3 product updates are about to make your Q4 (and beyond) a whole lot better. This wasn’t an ordinary quarter here at […]

2022 Mid-Year Review: Product Release Notes

Hello there! Can you believe we’re already halfway through 2022? As we hit this critical midpoint, we are excited to share some of the product enhancements we’ve been working on. Let’s jump into the innovation you’ve inspired so far…  Get a Clue 🔎 Better Attribution of Unknown Assets We’ve upped the ante on our Asset […]

Update Your Report Status As You Go – Product Releases

Cybersecurity gets complicated, but your workflows don’t have to be. CybelAngel users can now set reports as open, in progress, resolved, discarded. What does that mean for you? Less confusion, cleaner views, easier workflows for your team, and a new way to report when you get the job done.  

Detect Faster with Daily Scan For Open Connected Storage

We now scan all IPv4s daily. CybelAngel is able to find your data leaking from new open servers within a day instead of a week. With this improvement, you can reduce the time-to-detect, helping your teams to remediate events faster, and keep their company secure.

ServiceNow Integration

Retrieve all the reports from CybelAngel Platform and create related events in ServiceNow.