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    Russian Groups Target US Supply Chains and Cloud Service Resellers

    Microsoft, the world-leading software, cloud computing, and gaming company, is ringing alarm bells over the Russian-backed Nobelium supply chain attacks.  Nobelium is the same organization responsible for the 2020 SolarWinds supply chain attack that affected thousands of organizations, companies, and multiple departments of the US federal government.  Mircosoft has claimed that Nobelium is targeting the […]

    Breaking the Killchain

    The “Kill Chain” is a military term that the cybersecurity industry has widely adopted. While it is a valuable educational tool, its usefulness in planning is more tenuous.  Instead of the typical seven-step “kill chain” here at CybelAngel, we focus on a simpler three-step model that helps cybersecurity professionals understand when and where they can […]

    Top 5 Ways CISOs are Shifting to a Proactive Cybersecurity Mindset

    Every data breach is a race against time. CISOs know the longer it takes to identify and contain a breach, the more costly the breach will be. According to IBM, the average data breach takes 287 days to realize and contain. Responding to a breach is not enough. To combat this, CISOs are embracing a […]

    Dark Web Spotlight: Sinclair Broadcast Group Hit with Ransomware

    Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns almost 300 stations across the country and provides local news services, was the victim of a ransomware attack Oct 17, 2021. No ransomware groups immediately took credit for the incident. Nor have any details such as the ransom demands been released.  Company officials have reported that select servers and workstations […]

    Ten Scary CyberSecurity Facts

    October is the time for all things scary, and it’s also CyberSecurity Awareness Month! In that spirit, here are ten of the most frightening cybersecurity facts giving us the chills:   #1 “The average time it takes for ransomware to start encrypting the files in your PC or network is only 3 seconds.” – Comodo […]

    Dark Web Spotlight: REvil Ransomware Gang Goes Dark

    Nathaniel Hawthorne wrote, “Families are always rising and falling in America.” The same can be said for dark web ransomware gangs. As of mid-October 2021, the TOR sites belonging to REvil have gone dark. There seem to be little efforts being made to restore the site, signaling the possible end of the REvil ransomware gang. […]

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