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Tag: wannacry

WannaCry Risk
Is WannaCry Still a Threat?

As the ransomware industry lives its golden age, the anniversary date of one of the widest ransomware attacks ever known slowly approaches. Four years ago and some 300,000 computer infections later, WannaCry ushered in the global era of cyber extortion. The remaining question is whether WannaCry has written its last words. It’s true that WannaCry […]

Maze Ransomware
Ransomware Story: from Reveton to Maze

Ransomware is experiencing rapid growth as a cyber attack — impacting private individuals to cities, from enterprises to non-profit organizations to government agencies. To appreciate where ransomware is going, it is imperative to understand the ransomware story from Reveton to Maze. This ongoing ransomware trend began in the 2013-2014 timeframe and appears to be escalating […]